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Bellius- Lost Ring of Iron-star
Magical Rings

This powerful magic item appears as a glossy-smooth, silvery-blue, plain metal band. It is perhaps a half an inch wide, but magically sizes itself to fit whomever puts it on. It is heavier than its size would suggest and uniformly smooth and rounded. Forged of a Mithril and Dark-steel alloy, it is protected by a Blueshine treatment and further it emits a discordant, six-note metallic chord if forcefully struck. It functions when a power is willed into action. Possesses the following powers:

  • The bearer can enact a Coin into Dagger spell 6 times per day. By means of this spell the caster is able to transform one coin (or similar small, metal object of any variety or condition) into a non-reflective, silent dagger in the caster's hand. The power of this spell has a 40+1d4 round duration.
  • The Dagger possesses the following powers:
    a) Acts as a Dagger +2 that is considered to be magical in terms of the type of creatures to which it may cause harm.
    b) The weapon is unbreakable and weightless and vanishes if deliberately dropped by the caster; otherwise it cannot be made to leave his hand.
    c) The caster can NEVER be cut with his own blade (and may thus use it on bindings without fear of harm).
    d) After one round of use the caster can elect to hurl the Dagger. The Dagger may be hurled in the second round of the spell, or at any time thereafter. It has an effective range of 90 feet (with no penalties for range) and strikes at a bonus of +4 to hit, but gains no damage bonus.
    e) Note: Use of a silver coin with this spell allows the caster to create a Silver Dagger +2, with full bonuses for such. 
  • The bearer can enact a Buckler of Force spell 3 times per day. This power creates a shimmering silver disc of magical energy that appears on the bearer's forearm. The Buckler lasts for up to 20 turns, unless otherwise exhausted. It does not hinder the casting of spells and also provides the following benefits:
    a) Grants a bonus of +2 to Armor Class and Saving Throws.
    b) Provides limited protection from spells; equal to -1 to every die of damage incurred by fire, acid, cold, electricity, and/or raw magical energy.
    c) Has the ability to block spells targeted at the caster, with a percentage equal to 5% per level of the caster. Successfully blocking the spell neutralizes the Buckler, as the spell's energies are expended in defending the caster.
  • The bearer can create a Hammer of Smiting 3 times per day. This power creates a blue-white, glowing war hammer of shimmering force in the bearer's hands. The weapon has a +3 bonus to hit, deals 3d4+3 points of damage per strike, and forces all struck items to make a Saving Throw vs. Crushing Blow or be shattered. Magic Items get a bonus to their Saving Throw equal to their "plus" or if not so rated a bonus of +3. The hammer vanishes if it leaves the caster's hands and may not be used by any being other than the caster. If the weapon is thrown it has a range of 300 feet, with all ranges considered "point blank" and does full damage, but immediately disappears after striking, ending the spell.
  • The bearer can enact a Jaws of the Badger spell 3 times per day. This spell turns the bearer's hand (choice) into a pair of powerful, badger-like jaws for up to 20 rounds. Grants the following powers:
    a) The caster can attack twice per round with the Jaws.
    b) The Jaws deal 2d4+2 points of damage on a successful strike.
    c) This spell allows the caster to have multiple attacks in a single round, attacking with a weapon or activating a magic item with his off hand, and then attacking with the Jaws of the other.
    d) While the spell is in effect the caster is completely immune to Fear (of any type).
    e) The caster gains a +1 bonus to hit, with the Jaws and/or with another weapon.
  • The bearer can enact a Shield of the Righteous 3 times per day. When this power is used a shimmering, bluish-white Shield appears before the caster, having a maximum 100-round-duration. The Shield floats in the air before the caster, moves as he moves, and can be shifted by the mental command of the caster. Once cast the caster need not concentrate on the Shield and it will last until the duration expires, the caster wills it away, or it is the subject of a successful Dispel Magic spell. The Shield deflects all Magic Missiles and provides a +2 bonus to Armor Class against all other attacks. In combat the Shield moves enough to allow the caster to attack or cast spells without penalty. In a given round the Shield can only provide protection from one quadrant; however, from round to round it can move to either side or even behind the caster if necessary. Unless otherwise engaged in the same round, the Shield swings around to protect the caster from a Thief's back stab attack, negating the +4 rear attack/surprise bonus.
  • The bearer can call into being a Hammer of Righteous Destruction 2 times per day. This creates a short-lived (5 round duration, maximum), shining Hammer in the caster's hand that strikes with a +3 bonus, deals 3d4+3 damage at a strike, and forces all struck items to make a Save vs. Crushing Blow or shatter. The Hammer vanishes if it leaves the caster's possession and cannot be wielded by any other being. All magical items get a +4 bonus on their Saves; further, any item that succeeds against a particular Hammer need not do so again, even if struck repeatedly.
  • The bearer can call into being a Hammer of Lightning 6 times per day. This creates a Hammer composed of lightning in the bearer's hands. The Hammer has a duration of 1d4+20 rounds and has the following effects:
    a) Is equal to a "+3 Magic Weapon."
    b) Any successful strike with the weapon does 2d4 damage, plus 20 points of electrical damage.
    c) The bearer of the Hammer is immune to damage from electrical attacks.
    d) Once every four rounds, if the spell's duration allows for such, the weapon may fire a bolt of lightning at a foe. The range of the bolt is 10 feet per level of the caster and the bolt will automatically strike, unless the target Saves vs. Spells. If the target Saves the bolt is treated as a grenade-like missile for hit determination. The bolt does 10d4+10 points of damage. In addition, if the creature struck is wearing ferrous metal armor (or is an Iron Golem), it will be magnetized. Ferrous metal is magnetized for 3d4 rounds, unless a Save vs. Spell is successful. Magnetized metal will stick fast to other magnetized metals, and non-magnetized, ferrous metal items will cling until pulled free.
  • The bearer may enact a Marthammor's Thunderbolts spell 4 times per day. This spell enables the caster to simultaneously unleash twin Thunderbolts either from both of his hands or from his eyes. Each Thunderbolt can be directed at a different target within a 720-foot-radius, and can be directed to either cure 1d8 points of damage or cause 3d6 points of damage (a creature taking damage is allowed a Saving Throw vs. Spell for half damage). The Thunderbolts begin at the caster and streak outward to the target creature(s). Unlike the Magic User spell Lightning Bolt, the Thunderbolts have no effect on objects and are blocked by interposing barriers. In addition, the Thunderbolts do not reflect or rebound and cannot be forked.
  • The caster can enact an Aura of Invincibility 7 times per day. This power surrounds the bearer with a barely-visible bluish aura that protects him from all physical harm. The Aura can withstand up to 120 points of damage before it is depleted. The caster cannot be physically harmed until the Aura is depleted of all of its hit points. However, mind-affecting attacks are not blocked and take full effect, unless the character Saves or otherwise avoids damage. 
  • The bearer can enact a Clangeddin's Axe-storm spell 2 times per day. This power creates five phantom arms wielding battleaxes. Both limbs and weapons are magical constructs and not actual, tangible things. The floating, flying limbs hack silently at target creatures until they are dispelled, warded away by magical barriers, or willed out of existence by the caster. The battleaxes have a maximum range of 300 feet and a 20 round duration. Each battleaxe strikes twice per round, with a THAC0 of 8, and inflicts 2d4+1 points of damage, but is considered a Magic Weapon +2 for purposes of hit determination. When cast, the caster chooses one of two missions for the battleaxes:
    a) The Battleaxes remain within a stationary 10-foot-cube whose center is seen and chosen by the caster at the time of casting and will attack all creatures entering in the area of effect. 
    b) The Battleaxes can be made to attack a single creature (Fly, Move: 18- MC: B), flying to surround and strike at the target as above and will revert to the first mission only when the creature falls dead or teleports away (The stationary cube is either centered 5 feet above where the creature falls dead or 5 feet above the floor at the spot which the creature teleported). In either case all creatures are allowed a Saving Throw vs. Spells for half damage against every axe strike from the Axe-storm. The caster is immune to strikes from these axes and may even have the axes strike through his form to attack other creatures.
  • The bearer can enact a Clangeddin's Veil spells 2 times per day. This power causes the bearer to be surrounded by a shimmering, silver aura that grants the following bonuses:
    a) Creates a magical copy of the any weapon the bearer was holding when the spell was cast. This copy has the exact same powers and bonuses as the "real" weapon. Further, the spell enables the caster to fight with the two weapons without penalties for two attacks per round, one per weapon. 
    b) The Aura grants a +8 bonus to Armor Class.
    c) The Aura grants the bearer bonuses of +5 to hit and +5 on damage.
  • The bearer can enact an Axe and Hammer spell 1 time per day. This power creates a shadowy battleaxe and war hammer of twice normal size that last for up to 30 rounds. These are animated magical constructs rather than tangible items. The weapons fly about within a 900-foot-radius centered on the bearer, at a Move of Fly 30 (MC: A), striking once each per round (at a THAC0 of 4) at a target or targets mentally chosen by the caster. The two weapons can attack the same target or each can attack a separate target. They can change targets as often as the caster desires. The battleaxe inflicts 3d4+4 points of damage and the hammer inflicts 2d4+4 points of damage. If they both attack the same creature there is no Saving Throw to avoid the damage they inflict, but a creature facing only one of the spell weapons is allowed a Saving Throw vs. Spell to suffer only half damage. The weapons are considered sufficiently enchanted to hit any sort of foe (such as those hit only by +3 Magic Weapons). The weapons continue to attack the same creature they did on the previous round is the caster is slain, departs, or turns his attention to other spell casting. The magical constructs create by Axe and Hammer strike silently, are non-metallic, cannot be fooled by illusion, and cannot be magically controlled by anyone other than the caster. They vanish in flash of lights when the spell expires or if the caster wills the spell to end.